The Software Guide: Basic Points To Know About Papyrus Software

Papyrus is a tool based on Eclipse, is an open-source UML 2, and is licensed under the EPL. Modern Driven Engineering for Embedded Systems, also called LISE, developed which is a part of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission(CEA-List) developed. The stabilization is 5.0.0, and it was released in December 2020. This tool is written in Java and Linux, Windows and macOS are the operating systems. To address the various and particular domains, every single part of the model is customized like UML profile, diagram notation, style, model explorer, etc.

Papyrus 5.0.0

Now, to associate model explorers customizing to architecture frameworks, it is possible. Papyrus requires Java and has been trimmed down the re-exported bundles, To run along with the 2020-12 Eclipse releases. Most designers like Moka, design, SysML 1.4, 1.6, etc., are also compatible with the Java 11 migration and the new re-exports.

The Software Guide: Basic Points To Know About Papyrus Software

How will we work on the changes? And when?

The changes on the other works will begin on the next release, which is paramount for Papyrus (5.0.0) which can allow us to change API changes and corrections. It will probably get ready and available in time to integrate the 2020-12 release train.

Main focus

The main focus is on the goal, but no plans are coming up for the 2020-09 train. The 5.0.0 release contains refactoring the dependencies like removing the reexports wherever possible and removing all the deprecated APIs for far too long in the codebase.

Other versions

The other versions that are about to be released are Papyrus 4.8.0 2020-06, Papyrus 4.7.0 2020-03 and

Papyrus 4.6.0 2019-12.


Eclipse Papyrus enables Model-based techniques. The other enablers are model-based simulation, safety analysis, model-based formal testing, architecture exploration, performance or trade-offs analysis, etc.


For Papyrus technology, Esterel Technologies is chosen, and the platform from CEA LIST is the essential component of its SCADE System model-based systems, which are engineering product offerings. It is pleased with the quality and efficiency of common developments, which are LISTEREL Laboratories.

Papyrus is used by the Aldebaran as a complex system modeling tool and also for the safety study of companion robots.

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