Easy Tutorials To Kick Start With Papyrus

Papyrus is a software tool made of a layered system, and it is network services for data-intensive and is licensed under the EPL. Modern Driven Engineering for Embedded Systems, also called LISE, was developed as a part of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission(CEA-List) developed.

We can start this quickly with a few steps.

Easy Tutorials To Kick Start With Papyrus


For installing Papyrus, you first need to install Eclipse. If you have not installed Eclipse, you can download the stand-alone version of Papyrus which is 102 Mb.

If you have installed Eclipse already, you only need to add this software( Papyrus) to your configuration.

The Starting Setup

Laugh Eclipse to begin the Papyrus and then navigate to “Window,” then “open perspective,” then “other. Select Papyrus and then enter OK.

Just like the way, if you want to create a new project, you can go to “file” then to “new,” then select “Papyrus Project.” You can enter the name of the project and also change the default location. Then, go to the next screen, make sure to check the UML box and press Finish.

Use Case Diagram

Creating a Use Case Diagram is very simple. To make it, right-click on your newly-created model on the “Model Explorer” and select “new Diagram” then “UML Use Case Diagram.” Name the diagram according to your convenience, then press OK.

A file will be opened now and ready for editing under “Model Explorer.” The relevant elements are found in the Palette window, use Cases, and Subject area ad Actors are all in the node category. The aspects which are related to the arrows are included within the “Links.”

The objects can also be added by selecting them on the Palette and clicking on the model. Di whitespace. To edit the attributes of things, just click or select the object and change the fields according to you in the “Properties” window. Select an arrow to create a relationship, then click on the first actor and release the mouse over the second actor.

Easy Tutorials To Kick Start With Papyrus

Export Image

If you want to export images, you will have to install a specific plugin first. You must know that the file you need to download in SourceForge is located in the folder “Install Thai Friendly.”

To export, an image goes to “File,” then to “export,” then click on “other,” and finally click on “image of current Diagram.” Select the image in the desired format and then click on “Finish.”

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