Eclipse Papyrus Relatives

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It is a Papyrus-RT-UML-RT modeling and code generation environment. It implements UML-RT modeling language combined with editors, model-compare capabilities, and code generator for C++ and supports runtime systems.

Eclipse Papyrus Relatives

Graphical structure editor

This option enables the user to edit the structure of the capsule conveniently. It is possible to create and arrange the capsule ports and references to make bindings and layer connections.

Graphical behavior editor

The behavior editors will allow the user to describe the behavior of capsules utilizing a hierarchical finite state machine. The behavior editor also allows you to create and arrange states, junction points, choice points, and transitions using the state machine editor.

Papyrus for Robotics

It is a graphical editing tool that compiles with the RobMosys approach. It is for robot applications. It can manage the complexity of the Robotics developed by composition-oriented engineering of Robot systems and separately the task into many tired that are executed in different roles.

It enables safety analysis, trade failure propagation on systems, and exporting the fault in trees and component level. It also executes risk assessment.


Polarsys makes sure that there is a strong emphasis on reliability, safety, and quality. At the same time, the cycle is critical, and embedded systems go from 10 years to 80 years if it’s the case of aircraft. The tools disappear within 15 years or ten years. Sometimes the tools frequently disappear after five years. Polarsys was created to bridge the gap between and foster innovation in this domain. The mission of the Top-level project is, therefore, to host the Polarsys open-source assets.

Eclipse UML Profile Repository

The essential parts of Eclipse’s annual release trains are the modeling facilities of Eclipse. The Eclipse Modeling Framework with associated projects like OCL, UML2, QVTo, etc., are integrated into several tools of both open and commercial sources.

Papyrus Eclipse Safety Framework

It provides the tools for the safety techniques within a model-driven engineering process, which are and SysML.

The Model-based safety analysis is dependent on the idea that activities with safety analysis can follow the design and the process in a parallel flow using physical architectures and system functions as a standard basis—the use of the system models to capture the overall interactions and architectures between their components.

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