A sidebar component for use in adaptive layouts. More...
import Material 0.2
Properties and Methods

Detailed Description

A sidebar component for use in adaptive layouts

To use, simply add an instance to your code, and anchor other components to it.

To show or hide, set the expanded property.

By default, the sidebar has a flickable built in, and whatever contents are added will be placed in the flickable. When you want this disabled, or want to fill the entire sidebar, set the autoFill property to false.


    property bool wideAspect: width >

    Sidebar {
        expanded: wideAspect

        // Anchoring is automatic


autoFlick : bool
No description provided.
borderColor : color
No description provided.
contents : alias
No description provided.
expanded : bool
No description provided.
header : alias
No description provided.
mode : string
No description provided.