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Class Summary
Action Represents an action shown in an action bar, context menu, or list
ActionBar An action bar holds the title and actions displayed in the application toolbar
ActionButton A floating action button
AppTheme A helper class used in ApplicationWindow to set your app's theme colors
ApplicationWindow A window that provides features commonly used for Material Design apps
AutomaticGrid No description provided.
AwesomeIcon Displays an icon from the FontAwesome icon collection
BaseListItem Base class for list items
BottomActionSheet Represents a bottom sheet displaying a list of actions with an optional title
BottomSheet A bottom sheet is a sheet of paper that slides up from the bottom edge of the screen and presents a set of clear and simple actions
Button A push button with a text label
Card A card is a piece of paper with unique related data that serves as an entry point to more detailed information
CheckBox Checkboxes allow the user to select multiple options from a set
CircleImage No description provided.
CircleMask No description provided.
ColumnFlow No description provided.
DatePicker Date Picker provides a simple way to select a valid, formatted date
Device A singleton that provides information about the current device
Dialog Dialogs inform users about critical information, require users to make decisions, or encapsulate multiple tasks within a discrete process
Divider A divider divides content in a list
Document No description provided.
Dropdown Represents a dropdown menu that can display a variety of content
Icon Displays an icon from the Material Design and FontAwesome icon collections
IconButton Icon buttons are appropriate for app bars, toolbars, action buttons or toggles
Image No description provided.
Ink Represents a ripple ink animation used in buttons and many other components
InputDialog A dialog with a single text field input
Label A text label with many different font styles from Material Design
MainView A root component with support for overlays and configuring the app theme
MaterialAnimation A singleton with common animation durations
MenuField A input field similar to a text field but that opens a dropdown menu
NavigationDrawer Navigation drawer slides in from the left and is a common pattern in apps
NavigationDrawerPage No description provided.
Object A base class for non-visual objects
Object No description provided.
OverlayLayer Provides a layer to display popups and other overlay components
OverlayView A view that pops out of the content to display as an overlay
Page Represents a page on the navigation page stack
PageSidebar Represents a split sidebar in a page, with its own title, actions, and color in the action bar
PageStack Manages the page stack used for navigation
Palette Provides access to the Material Design color palette
PlatformExtensions No description provided.
Popover A tooltip is a label that appears on hover and explains a non-text UI element
PopupBase A base class for popups such as dialogs or dropdowns
ProgressBar Visual indicator of progress in some operation
ProgressCircle Visual circular indicator of progress in some operation
RadioButton Radio buttons allow the user to select one option from a set
Scrollbar Scrollbars show scrolling progress for listviews and flickables
SectionHeader A list item that serves as the the header for an expandable list section
Sidebar A sidebar component for use in adaptive layouts
SimpleMenu A list item that opens a dropdown menu when tapped
Slider Sliders let users select a value from a continuous or discrete range of values by moving the slider thumb
Snackbar Snackbars provide lightweight feedback about an operation
Standard A simple list item with a single line of text and optional primary and secondary actions
Subheader Subheaders are special list tiles that delineate distinct sections of a list or grid list
Subtitled A list item with a two or three lines of text and optional primary and secondary actions
Switch On/off switches toggle the state of a single settings option
Tab Represents the content of a tab in a TabView
TabBar No description provided.
TabbedPage A special page for tabs
TextField A single-line text input control
Theme Provides access to standard colors that follow the Material Design specification
ThemePalette Provides access to standard colors that follow the Material Design specification, but specifically designed for light or dark surfaces
ThinDivider A 1dp high divider for use in lists and other columns of content
TimePicker No description provided.
TimePickerDialog No description provided.
Toolbar Provides the container used to hold the action bar of pages
Tooltip A tooltip is a label that appears on hover and explains a non-text UI element
Units Provides access to screen-independent Units known as DPs (device-independent pixels)
View Provides a base view component, with support for Material Design elevation, background colors, and tinting
Wave Provides a wave animation for transitioning between views of content
Window A subclass of QtQuick.Window that provides some additional features for developing Applications that conform to Material Design