Get Involved

Whether you are a developer, designer, translator, or just a regular user, there are many ways to contribute to Papyros.


Papyros currently has no commercial funding, and development is done by team members and third-party contributors in their spare time. With continual funding, the Papyros team will be able to dedicate more time to working on Papyros as well as pay third-party contributors to work on features and bugs through the use of bug bounties. This will allow me, Michael Spencer, to spend more time as the lead developer building new features of the OS, getting the alpha ready for testing, and working towards stable releases of the operating system. It will also encourage more third-party contributors to get involved with development of the OS.

General Funding
You can support our ongoing crowdfunding campaign on Bountysource Salt. Choose an amount, get rewards, and help us reach our goals. View our sponsors

PayPal is a quick and easy solution. Choose a one-time amount or set up a subscription. View donation report

Targetted Funding
Bountysource puts funds directly in the hands of developers by rewarding them for committing fixes or creating new features. Set a bounty on the issues that matter to you most or fund a specific app or project. You can also set up a recurring subscription. Learn more


  • If you’re familiar with QML, you can contribute to our Material Design app framework or the desktop shell itself.
  • If you prefer C++, you can help by implementing backends for the desktop shell indicators and other features in the desktop library
  • If you want to help build the base operating system, including work on using OSTree and xdg-app, check out the powerpack repository.


The project is still in active development, and doesn’t fully support translating yet. We’ll add support for translations, and would love to have your help!


We care a lot about the design of Papyros. You can check out our mockups, or join the discusson in the Papyros community on Google+ by submitting mockups or commenting on others’ mockups.

Bug Reports

Once we have an alpha release, bug reports are a great way to contribute to Papyros, whether you’re a developer, designer, or tester. We plan to have a bug reporting app in the OS, but you can also file bugs in the appropriate project on GitHub.