App Development

Build cross-platform apps with Material Design and QtQuick
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With the Material framework for QtQuick, you can build powerful and well-designed cross-platform apps that run on Papyros and other Linux operating systems, OS X, Windows, and Android. You can create convergent apps that adapt to a wide variety of device sizes and input methods.

Material Design

Our framework is built exactly according to the Material Design specifications. This means that apps built with the framework will fit in on Android and will look good on other platforms. You can also use the QtQuick.Controls theme to adapt existing apps without rewriting from scratch.

Open Source

The Material framework is open source and is licensed under the LGPL version 2.1 or higher. This means you have full access to the source code on our GitHub page. You can choose to publish your app under a compliant open-source license, or choose to keep it closed source.