Repository for Early Testing

Feb 8, 2015 • Michael Spencer

We now have an initial package repository for users to try out the Papyros shell on ArchLinux!

DISCLAIMER: Currently, there are packages for x86_64 architecture only, as the qt5 packages are big and will take time to compile again for i686. Keep in mind this is very much in a pre-alpha state, and many things are not implemented yet. The packages themselves should work though, as I’ve tested them locally. No guarantees though!

First, add the following lines to your /etc/pacman.conf file, above the default repositories:

SigLevel = Never
Server =$repo/$arch

Then, run

pacman -Syu
pacman -S papyros-shell

You can then test the shell by running it in a new window on top of your desktop:


It’s still very much in early development, though; the network indicator doesn’t work, and you can’t even start apps in the shell yet. Those features will land over coming weeks.

Happy testing!

– Michael Spencer, Papyros founder and lead developer