Bringing modern features and Material Design to Linux

Alpha coming soon

Follow us on Google+ or read our blog for more details. We're working towards releasing an initial version of the desktop shell for general testing soon.
Papyros currently has no commercial funding, and development is done by team members and third-party contributors in their spare time. Help fund the development of Papyros so we can spend more time working on development and get more contributors involved.
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Modern Features

We are building some exciting features including atomic upgrades, powerful notifications support, and much more. We're leveraging the latest and greatest Linux technologies, including OSTree, Wayland, Qt 5, and much more.

Material Design

We're building the desktop and apps following the Material Design standard which Google created and uses in Android and many of their web apps. This means the operating system will look great, be easy to use and understand, and have a high degree of polish and animations.

Open Source

We believe that open source is the best way to develop software. All our code is publicly available on GitHub, even before the alpha is released. We also share progress and discuss new ideas on our Google+ page and community and on our mailing list.